Flying Home

BelgiumFlying Home / 95 minutes / Belgium / 2014 / Dominique Deruddere



Flag: Red-White-Blue
Capital: Brussels
Population: 11.7 million
Names of Oscar winning movies: none, but we earned 8 nominations
Movies nominated for Best Foreign Language Film:

  • 2013 – The Broken Circle Breakdown, Felix Van Groeningen
  • 2011 – Bullhead, Michael R. Roskam
  • 2000 – Everybody’s Famous, Dominique Deruddere
  • 1994 – Farinelli, Gérard Corbiau
  • 1992 – Daens, Stijn Coninx
  • 1988 – The Music Teacher, Gérard Corbiau
  • 1970 – Peace in the Fields, Jacques Boigelot

Names of the most famous directors: Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne, Dominique Deruddere, Michael R. Roskam, Felix Van Groeningen, Stijn Coninx, Gérard Corbiau



Colin is an ambitious US investment banker. One of his potential clients, a rich sheikh, is a passionate pigeon fancier who has been trying to buy a champion pigeon from Flanders, but the owner has hitherto been stubbornly refusing his offers. In an attempt to gain the sheikh’s business, Colin proposes a deal: if he can convince the owner to sell his pigeon, then the sheikh does business with him.

Colin sets off for Flanders and pretends to be a teacher looking for the grave of his great-grandfather who died in World War I. When he meets the stubborn owner, and his beautiful granddaughter, he realizes that his assignment will be more difficult than he had hoped.

English language title: Flying Home
Original language title: Flying Home
Running time: 95 minutes
US rating, if any: /
Director: Dominique Deruddere
Producer: Dominique Deruddere – Ludo Poppe
Screenwriter: Dominique Deruddere
Principal cast: Charlotte de Bruyne, Jan Decleir, Jamie Dornan, Josse De Pauw, Viviane De Muynck
Distributor (include US if any): Kinepolis Film Distribution
Production company: Otomatic Productions, Mauna Kea Films
Year of release in home company: April 2014



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Date(s) - 09/20/2014
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Eileen Norris Cinema Theatre/Frank Sinatra Hall


Q&A to follow with Director Dominique Deruddere

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