The Color of the Chameleon

BulgariaTsvetat na hameleona / 111 min / Bulgaria / 2013 / Emil Christov



Flag: White-Green-Red
Capital: Sofia
Population: 7.8 million
Names of Oscar winning movies: none, but we earned 1 nomination
Names of the most famous directors: Vulo Radev, Ludmil Staykov, Rangel Vulchanov, Ivan Andonov, Krikor Azarian, Tedi Moskov, Stefan Komandarev, Javor Gardev

A maniacal informant creates his own phantom secret-police department. He recruits a group of unsuspecting intellectuals to spy on each other and after the fall of communism uses his secret archive to wreak havoc on the government. The movie offers a paradoxical twist in the standard representation of totalitarianism as a society of victims and victimizers. This is a story without innocents. Secret policing reveals its dark nature not only in its nauseating cruelties, but most suggestively in its deviant pleasures.
English language title: The Color of the Chameleon
Original language title: Tsvetat na hameleona (Цветът на хамелеона)
Running time: 111 minutes
US rating, if any: /
Director: Emil Christov
Producer: Bouriana Zakharieva and Vladislav Todorov
Screenwriter: Vladislav Todorov
Principal cast: : Ruscen Vidinliev, Irena Milyankova, Roussy Chanev, Samuel Finzi, Deyan Donkov
Distributor (include US if any): Cinemavault
Production company: Peripeteia
Year of release in home company: 2013



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Date(s) - 09/21/2014
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Ray Stark Family Theatre


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